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For Wall Mounted Outrigger Flagpoles

Do your flags look like this?

Would you like your flags flying beautifully all year with no hassle?

ES Flagpoles manufacturers a truly NON-TANGLE ROD that is quiet and safe with no maintenance required. The NEVER TANGLE ROD extends the life of your flags, does not produce any noise and offers a tether for an additional safety guarantee of not becoming an overhead hazard for pedestrians below.

We offer to supply modified flags to achieve full life potential. There is no more wasted time with halyards as we provide competitively priced flag changing services at any location.

Advantages of NEVER TANGLE:​

Flags Never Tangle

No Banging Noises

Completely Safe

Backed Up With Tether

Competitively Priced

Disadvantages Of Older Models:

Sometimes Tangles

Loud Banging Noises

Can Break Free and Cause Danger

Washington DC, flagpole installation, flagpole repair

Call us Today and Get Yours!  410.827.4456

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